MovingAverage is an Arduino library that allows the user to smooth sensor data by applying a simple moving average filter.

Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad is a Firefox extensions that you can set as your home page. Quickly take notes and edit them using the amazing medium editor and have them stored in your browsers local storage.

This project is inactive and the website no longer exists.

Wodly was a fitness community and tracking platform. Wodly was dedicated to the sport of fitness. I started Wodly as a free alternative to many existing fitness tracking platform. Wodly also provided a catalog of workouts and a means to track your results over time, create your own workouts, log your scores and track your progress and integrate with Fitbit to see even more details of your workout performances.


One day I was using a gif inserter app in slack. I wanted to send the wat duck. However, I couldn't find the wat duck. I thought it might be fun to make a slash command that just sends the wat duck. So I created /wat

The wat app is a simple web api built with .Net Core 2.0. After a few days of work, I decided to send it to Slack to be put into the public app store. Back and forth with their team and the app was accepted!

Feel free to install /wat into your own Slack workspace!

Not so long ago, I was contacted by Jean after she had suffered a hacking incident in which her old website was rendered unusable. I took this opportunity to build Jean a new website.

This website was originally built using .Net framework 4.5 but has since been refactored to run with .Net Core 2.0. The website features a simple and light weight CMS allowing Jean to publish events and news items critical to her business.

Fun fact - this was my first ever production website that actually mattered to anyone!