Laptop Stand

My laptop was getting too hot, this stand has air flow underneath and the fan hangs in the air at the back.

Firewood Store

Reconfigured some space in my shed to a vertical firewood store. Constructed from an old shipping pallet.

Hotwire Cutter

I needed to cut some foam insulation for my shed. So I built a hotwire cutter to cut out the roof profile.


Plyobox for working out with that flips for three different heights in one. Tabbed and slotted support structure, making 12mm ply strong enough for the whole job.

Gardening Toolbox

Vintage style gardening toolbox for my partner. Weathered grey paint finish.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital carousel photo frame that automatically shuffles photos from a home server, built with a Raspberry Pi.


Custom workbench for the shed in my new house.