Hi, I'm Ian. I'm a software engineer based in Dublin, Ireland and I'm currently employed by Kitman Labs.

I love writing code, maths, machine learning, data science and analytics. Outside of my nerdy interests, I am a functional fitness trainer and I spend most of my time doing cross training and Olympic Weightlifing.


Over the past few years I've started working on several different projects. While not all my work is listed here, you can find a few of the larger more interesting pieces of work I have done here.

If you are interested in any of these projects or would like to collaborate, please get in touch!


I have been trying to put some shape on some of my thoughts over the past while. You will find a few 'how to' guides and some other interesting pieces of work I have done and random things I have built.

Sometimes it's interesting. You can have a look here, see what you think and share if you like!