Articles related to: "Making Things"

Quick Builds #2
8th Nov 2021
Making Things 3D Printing Electronics IKEA Hacking

Welcome to the second in my series where I share some of my smaller making projects that don't need a full article. Today I'm going to talk about a needlessly over engineered desk fan, a custom USB force plate and some IKEA hacking!

Building a Drone - Part 1
28th October 2021
Making Things Electronics 3D Printing Drone Quadcopter

Over the past few months I have been working on designing and building a quadcopter drone from scratch using 3D printing. In the first article in this series I'm going to talk about the mechanics of a quadcopter and some of the early design choices I made.

Ball and Beam
5th August 2021
Making Things Electronics Ball and Beam

This article is all about redemption from a fail past project. I'm going ot talk about how I rebuilt my failed college final year project many years on and made it work this time!

Quick Builds #1
7th May 2021
Making Things Woodworking Electronics Foamsmithing

Welcome to the first of a new format for me! In this format I'm going to share some of my smaller making projects that don't need a full article. Today I'm going to talk about my new hotwire cutter, laptop stand and firewood store.

The End of Wodly
29th Jan 2021
Wodly Side Projects Making Things

After ~2 years of operations I have shut down my side project Wodly. I am going to talk about the reasons why and some of the things I've learned working on Wodly.

Bored? Make Something!
10th June 2020
Making Things Quote Of The Day Blazor Raspberry Pi Nginx

I got bored the other day... So I made something! What I built was a tiny Quote Of The Day web app using Blazor which I am now hosting on a Raspberry Pi at home.

Sure I'll send that over Slack
13th Nov 2018
Making Things Send Once Encryption Security

Let's talk about why you shouldn't send passwords over Slack... And my new tool that you probably still shouldn't use for doing it!

How I Built /wat
27th Aug 2018
Making Things Wat Slack

/wat is a slash command that allows you to send the Wat duck meme into the current channel... Yep, that's it! Here's how I built it.